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Through extensive efforts & hard work we have become the exclusive representative of several international brands for Albania. By delivering on the increasing consumer demands, we improve & elevate the quality of our customers everyday life.

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One of the biggest distributors in Albania

Since 2004

Import, promotion and distribution of high quality branded products are what Alkos knows best. It operates in several domestic market areas, representing different brands that have their own features. Consequently, our strategies are tailored to specific needs in terms of distribution, promotion and logistics. Following a well-thought-out selection, the brands we present in the market are supported through a consolidated distribution network.

Brands and Partnerships

What sets us apart

We are aware that in order to be successful, we have to carefully choose prartners that share the same values with Alkos. Our favorable position in the market is greatly influenced by our collaborations with important players in Europe and the region. We support our collaborators by promoting their brands, and ultimately increase the presence in the market. We would like for our collaborations to be perceived as an inseparable part of their success.

Sigi has managed to consolidate its position as a preferred partner of companies in the country with its key sectors such as hygiene products, home maintenance and cosmetics.

Alkos has gained the exclusivity of distribution for the global brands of cosmetics such as L’Oreal Paris, Garnier and Maybelline New York thanks to the high quality standards it has set.

Medical+ operates in the distribution market of medical products and materials. Due to the specific nature of this segment, our advantage lies in quality, promptness and prompt service.

Worldwine portfolio includes the highest quality wines, Prosecco and selected beverages. Currently, there are successful collaborations with well-known wineries in Italy, France and Germany.

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Well is the newest beauty and care chain of drugstores in Tirana and Durres. It specializes on cosmetics, healthcare items, household products and health food.

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Covering about 90% of the market

Our distribution and logistics capabilities allow us to be present all over the country. Our distribution center and warehouse are strategically located on the Tirana – Durrës highway according to European standards. We process large volume of cargo every day. With a workforce of 200 employees and about 100 distribution vehicles, covering about 90% of the market that translates into more than 2500 customers.

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